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I’m a half-Aussie, half-Portuguese, 1991 limited edition young woman. I’m a traveler at heart who loves the www, good design, 80’s rock music & a good laugh!


I’m a cosmopolitan designer who is based in Melbourne but has also worked & lived in New York City, Minnesota, USA and London, UK. This has allowed me to absorb new and dynamic cultures, and to grow as an artist.


In addition to being multi-national, I’m also multi-talented in print, web and motion graphic design. Check my cv for a complete list of my skills!


No matter where I’ve been, I’ve produced top notch work. I’m dedicated to making sure each and every piece I create stands out from the crowd. I’ve had the pleasure to work with all kinds of people, won a few awards and cultivated a lot of happy customers. I am eager to learn, network and find my next adventure. If it sounds like I’m what you are looking for don’t be shy! Drop me a line or two!