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I pitched to the team to redesign Gaslight's website. Something that would communicate what the company is about. The concept revolved around inviting you, the visitor or client, into the eccentric office. Each sequential slide on the home page shows the Gaslight team hard at work. One of the website’s main concepts involves a day/night slider that changes according to Gaslight's business hours. After 5pm, it’s lights out!

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I meticulously coded & designed an independent mobile website that utilizes elements of the desktop version, but is also completely different and remarkable on its own. Designed to echo the user experience of a mobile application, Gaslight’s mobile website allows for more streamlined browsing than any typical website you would view on a mobile device.

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Gaslight Creative is a team of marketing professionals based in Minnesota, but work with clients all over the world. I presented the idea to team to create a self-promo piece to better present ourselves to prospective clients and show our team, talent, and creative edge. I also designed the USB that would easily be distributed to our new clients.

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