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Gaslight Creative


2014 ADDY Gold Award Website


Branding, Illustration, Typography, UX, Website

Gaslight Creative is a team of marketing professionals who are ready to work for you. We are writers, marketing strategists, designers, photographers, and yes, sometimes we’re envelope stuffers, too. Our office is located in St. Cloud, Minnesota and serves the greater part of Central Minnesota with clients ranging from local to regional, big to small, and contractors to craft brewers.
Our creative minds never seem to shut off, and we love to showcase our talent and personality through our work. So we thought, why not make a whole new website? We wanted to display our creative edge, fun atmosphere and expert interior decorating skills throughout the entirety of our website. We play hard and work even harder.
Our award-winning website couldn’t have been perfected without all hands on deck. Designers, copywriters and web developers alike put their heads together to create a whole new brand for Gaslight Creative. Creativity runs in our veins, and we wanted to portray that throughout our new website, marketing materials and mobile site- all while having a blast doing it.
The concept revolves around inviting you, the visitor or client, into our eccentric office. Each sequential slide on the home page shows the Gaslight team hard at work. One of the website’s main concepts involves a day/night slider that changes according to our business hours. After 5pm, it’s lights out! We work hard, but like to have some fun during the process.
We also meticulously coded an independent mobile website that utilizes elements of the desktop version, but is also completely different and remarkable on its own. Designed to echo the user experience of a mobile application, Gaslight’s mobile website allows for more streamlined browsing than any typical website you would view on a mobile device.
Day and night sliders
Under construction page and Team page
Mobile Site - Homepage
Mobile homepage scroll and menu
Mobile pages
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