Hand drawing typography
social media typography

These are the sketches & final solutions for Gaslight's 2014 website and its social media. As I launched Gaslight's new digital brand, I made sure that all their social media had a consistent look & feel. It was a fun adventure to take a different approach to the brand and create a unique typographic feel for the company.

Linkedin typography
Linkedin social media sketch
Linkedin social media sketch banner
Bottle typography
Blog typography
twitter page look
gaslight coasters typography

I created these hand-drawn coasters for Gaslight Creative in order to promote their services at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, CO. The concept was to create a funny call to action coaster that people could take home and use. As I personally experienced before promotional items sometimes can be too overwhelming with heavy brand components so I decided to take a more illustrative & typographic approach to the project.

gaslight coasters typography Einstein
gaslight creative coasters typography
gaslight coasters typography close up